Sunday, September 25, 2011

First geophysical field campaign!

The NGEE geophysical team had their first field day today, with an objective to explore subsurface soil variability just prior to freeze in a field site in Barrow that displays different thermokarst characteristics. Baptiste Dafflon, Craig Ulrich, John Peterson and Susan Hubbard from LBNL were joined by Alessio Gusmeroli from UAF. We arrived to a dusting of snow and what seems like an incipient freeze – everyone was bundled for field work. After hauling lots of equipment out to the site, we collected surface electromagnetic data along some key transects and tested the ground penetrating radar responses. We initiated the collection of active layer depth, temperature, and TDR moisture probing along the geophysical transects. Tomorrow Stan Wullschleger from ORNL will join us, and we will start the electrical data acquisition. We are exciting to see what these data yield!