Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breakfast in Barrow

The last conversation I heard last night before falling asleep on the apartment's futon was "Who wants an omelet for breakfast?" I chalked up the question to late night idle chatter. However, I awoke to find our team's plant physiologist, Alistair Rogers (BNL), busy in the kitchen. There were bowls of green onions, tomatoes, and cheese spread across the counter; along with plenty of eggs. It looked far different than the breakfasts that I have grown accustomed to on my trips to Barrow. Those typically tend to consist of granola bars, oatmeal, yogurt, and a strong cup of coffee.

I have known Alistair since he was a post-doc working for George Hendrey and Steve Long, and know him to be quite adept at measuring photosynthesis, leaf gas exchange, and associated biochemistry of plants. He and I have worked together on other projects in the past. While I was aware of his scientific and technical capabilities, I was not aware of his culinary skills. There was a distinct aroma coming from the kitchen that seemed pleasant enough.

Given our circumstances and general lack of "pots and pans" in the cupboard, Alistair did a brilliant job of preparing omelets for everyone on our team. We all rotated through limited seating at the kitchen table as Alistair cooked and served one omelet or eggs over easy after another. Mine was great and it allowed me, for once, to leave my yogurt in the refrigerator. It also gave us a full stomach and just the right mind set to start another day of field work in Barrow...

Thanks Alistair!