Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome Back to Barrow

Other than the 17 hours, 4100 miles, and layovers in 4 trip to Barrow was uneventful. I planned my schedule to arrive a day before others on the sampling trip. This gives me a chance to check on a few things with UMIAQ, pull a couple items out of storage that our team will require, and then generally assess weather conditions before our field work begins. 

Brower Frantz, Operations Manager with UMIAQ, picked Craig and me up at the airport. We loaded up our luggage and headed out to UMIAQ's office east of Barrow. Brower and I exchanged a set of keys for the hut we would be staying in and several other buildings where we would stage our work before heading to the field. Last year, we stored our winter clothing in one of the UMIAQ buildings and I retrieved those for everyone so they would be ready when they arrived tomorrow. Craig picked up a few misc. supplies that he needed for his GPS unit, we'll need that to locate sampling points tomorrow. 

A quick dinner at Arctic Pizza and we were back at the hut. It is 10:00pm and the sun is still shining. The weather looks excellent for the next few days. Cold, but no wind. It's been a long day so the bed will feel good tonight. We get started with our work in the morning.