Friday, July 19, 2013

Pic of the trip...

The NGEE Arctic team takes a lot of pictures during their stay in Barrow. Most relate to their science, but a few simply reflect the unique nature of life on the North Slope of Alaska. While I certainly do not see all pictures taken by people when in Barrow, I do see enough to post my favorite ones from this past trip.

The first "pic of the trip" was taken by Lily Cohen. Lily is from LANL and snapped this picture of jelly fish one evening as she walked along the Arctic Ocean just a short distance from our Herman House apartment.

The second "pic of the trip" was taken by Garrett Altmann. Garrett is also from LANL and took this mushroom picture one afternoon while collecting water samples from a drained thaw lake basin south of Barrow.

My thanks to Lily and Garrett for capturing these great images of the Arctic.