Monday, July 28, 2014

Wildlife Abounds Across the Tundra

Our NGEE Arctic team has worked in Barrow now for almost three years. Although we stay busy with the work at hand, our scientists often comment on the number of animals that they observe. We have seen caribou, especially, in the winter months, and it is true that we have seen several polar bears over the years all from a safe distance. Today while walking out to our field site I was reminded that the tundra is alive with wildlife; lemmings, various species of birds, including my favorite the snowy owl.

Every year our team gets the pleasure of talking with Denver Holt, an expert in snowy owls, who has been studying them in the Barrow area for more than 20 years. Denver covers many, many miles each summer locating, banding, and studying owl behavior. He always has fascinating stories. Denver runs the Owl Institute in Montana: