Friday, May 4, 2012

First NGEE Geophysical Winter Campaign

The NGEE geophysical team is on the way to Barrow for its first ‘winter campaign’.  Last September, the team  conducted its first ‘active layer characterization campaign’, which  included acquisition of a variety of geophysical and point measurements along a permafrost gradient where lidar data were also available. Analysis of the datasets, individually and in combination, revealed the utility of the methods for characterizing critical active layer and land-surface properties and their relationships; results were presented at the EGU meeting in Vienna two weeks ago.
Team (standing in the Arctic Ocean) from left to right:
Stan Wullschleger (ORNL), Baptiste Dafflon (LBNL),
Craig Ulrich (LBNL), Susan Hubbard (LBNL),
John Peterson (LBNL)and Alessio Gusmeroli (UAF), Sept 2011. For this May
campaign, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (LBNL) will also join us.

First Geophysical Field Campaign
The objectives of this campaign are threefold: (1) to characterize the ground ice beneath the active layer at the same location as the previous campaign; (2) to test a new seismic methodology for quantifying ground ice characteristics; and (3) to collect a variety of geophysical data in a nearby area to provide a foundation for other measurements that will be made by other NGEE groups during the upcoming growing season. 

We are excited to again be working in Barrow together again, worried about the instrumentation performance in this cold weather, and curious to explore the geophysical responses to the frozen ground. Stay tuned!