Tuesday, May 8, 2012

White and Bright in Barrow

We’ve competed two days of geophysical acquisition at the same location where we worked last September.  The conditions are quite different – everything is white, white, white; with the snow cover there is little evidence of polygonal ground; and  daytime temperatures  are quite cold (~20F with wind chill). With 24  hours of sunlight, the midnight light is brighter than it gets on sunny days in Berkeley!

We’ve focused to date on EM and radar using different systems, frequencies and acquisition modes – the figures below show 100MHz Sensors and Software radar being acquired by pulling it manually and with a snowmobile. The snowmobiles have been great for pulling around equipment and people (and lets admit it, the snowmobiles have been downright fun). We are starting to recognize geophysical signatures of ice wedges permafrost variability but have lots more to learn.

It has been great to be here with Stan, Cathy, Alex and Anna, who are working on the neighboring plots installing hydrological wells. Everyone is working hard and in good spirits.